Windchill 10.1 Java / Workflow / LoadFromFile

The other day I figured out how to run the LoadFromFile command from inside a workflow using a robot expression.  This opens a lot of doors for bulk data loading.  The LoadFromFile class has a static method called doFileImport which can be called directly from a workflow expression as long as the XML and content files if any our on the server.  One could could use the workflow engine to create periodic bulk loads or a listener service to see when new files are available.  If you are using any sort of third party authentication or authorization then using a workflow versus the command line will likely be helpful.

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Control Data Released

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Stock Quotes Released

Stock Quotes was uploaded to Android Market today. Check it out, it’s free and makes it fun and easy to check your stocks or mutual funds.

Here is the market listing:

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Live stocks, mutual funds information from anywhere anytime.